Getting Started

This is our first post and as you can see the site is under construction. ┬áStay tuned as we update pictures, music, and good old rock ‘n roll stories of Alan’s adventures!

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4 Responses to Getting Started

  1. Debra Rider says:

    Mr. Abrahams,
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom at The Cutting Edge Music Conference this week. I was the lady who arrived when you did and no one else was there! You were very gracious to accept my CD of original material entitled, “Soul Food, Nine for NOLA”. I am a singer/songwriter and enjoy writing very much. I hope you might have a chance to listen to tracks 2, 3, 5, and 7, which are representative of a more gospel/spiritual direction. I have many songs in many genres and write new ones all the time. I have always self produced my songs in local studios here in the Jacksonville, Florida area, but always wondered how to take it to “the next level” and what that would entail in the way of getting a “real” producer, like yourself, and what the cost would be financially. Any advice you could give me would be very nice as I certainly value your opinion. This is a nice web site, and a great photo of you at work in front of that console! It is obvious you love the studio; I sure love it myself. It was a pleasure to have met you and to hear you speak. Thanks again for your time.
    Debra Rider

  2. Stanley Voets says:

    Do you remember a mid 70’s group from Bolinas California called the Duxberry Reefers? We think they may have done a rendition of ” Call Me Up and We’ll Get Down”


    Stan Voets

  3. Bill Peters says:

    Hello Alan ! Remember me ? I played guitar for you in Pig Iron. (I’m still playing). I have a great band with my wife and one of my daughters. Looks like you’ve done fantastic. I was thrilled to read all that you’ve accomplished. God Bless.

  4. Anne Finestein says:

    I was checking out my attic and came across “Pure Prairie League – Dance” an RCA LP all produced by you. Brought back memories. Your’e the greatest. Wish I had your talent.
    Anne Finestein

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